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As today’s healthcare landscape changes, NCH has continued to search for new ways to improve patient care, better anticipate the need for services, decrease patient wait times between inpatient tests and treatments, increase operational efficiency and decrease costs.

Aim for Excellence

Every day, our nurses work with cutting-edge clinical care coordination technology and processes that help them provide patients and their families with an exceptional care experience. This state-of-the-art care coordination model eliminates the guesswork and waiting that has previously frustrated patients and their families. We are the first – and only – hospital in the Northwest Suburbs to develop and implement a care coordination model like this; we call it Aim for Excellence.

The goal of Aim for Excellence is to consistently deliver an exceptional experience for patients, families and physicians. This new care coordination model helps NCH achieve this goal by:

  • Giving patients and families a daily itinerary so they know what to expect and when, which reduces anxiety and makes it easier to visit and support loved ones
  • Improving how staff and physicians operate, communicate with and serve patients
  • Providing a clear path of escalation so barriers to care can be quickly resolved
  • Creating more predictable levels of service for certain areas/units and decreasing delays related to service backlogs
  • Making department performance analytics readily available, enabling quicker decisions in the best interest of patients
  • Starting to plan for discharge at the time of admission, so patients and families will be involved in planning for care transitions earlier in their stay, which means fewer surprises related to discharge dates

This model has proven to:

  • Reduce the length of stay by a half day or more
  • Reduce infection rates
  • Improve patient satisfaction

Clinical Care Coordinators and The Hub

As a part of this care coordination model, our patient care units now include Clinical Care Coordinators that help expedite patient care for their assigned unit and are responsible for coordinating patient flow throughout the hospital. They coordinate all admissions, transfers and discharges, as well as coordinate testing and treatment schedules. These Clinical Care Coordinators have a significant impact on how NCH operates as a hospital, and greatly enhances the patient experience.

At the heart of Aim for Excellence is The Hub, a central department that supports the Clinical Care Coordinators in monitoring patient status and facilitating test and treatment schedules. The Hub acts as Air Traffic Control for NCH and ensures that Aim for Excellence is effectively improving patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.